Hair1920s Hairstyles: The Top 9 Vintage Glam Looks That Defined an Era

1920s Hairstyles: The Top 9 Vintage Glam Looks That Defined an Era

The 1920s, often referred to as the “Roaring Twenties,” was a time of unprecedented cultural change and exuberance. This era witnessed the rise of flapper fashion, jazz music, and iconic hairstyles that continue to inspire us today. From finger waves to victory rolls, let’s take a journey back in time to explore the top 9 vintage glam hairstyles that defined the 1920s.

1. Finger Waves: Elegance in Waves

Finger waves were the epitome of elegance during the 1920s. This intricate hairstyle involved creating deep, S-shaped waves using fingers or a comb. What made finger waves truly special was their versatility; they adorned both short and long hair, adding a touch of sophistication to any look.

2. Bob Cut: The Quintessential 1920s Look

The bob cut is perhaps the most iconic hairstyle associated with the 1920s. It featured straight, chin-length or shorter hair, often accompanied by stylish bangs. The bob cut symbolized the era’s bold spirit and a departure from traditional long hair.

3. Marcel Waves: Cascading Elegance

Marcel waves were a glamorous choice for those seeking cascading waves. Created using heated curling irons or waving irons, this style produced soft, deep waves that gracefully flowed down the skull. Marcel waves embodied the allure of the 1920s with their timeless appeal.

4. Cloche Hat Style: Form Meets Function

The cloche hat was a prominent accessory of the 1920s fashion scene. To accommodate this fashionable headgear, many haircuts were designed with a low, tight bun or chignon. The result was a polished and structured look that perfectly complemented the era’s fashion trends.


5. Feathered Headbands: Adorned Elegance

Feathered, beaded, or jeweled headbands were a popular choice for embellishing 1920s hairstyles. These headbands added a touch of elegance and glamour, often paired with short bobs or waved hair. They served as a chic accessory that elevated the overall appearance.

6. Rolled and Pinned Updos: Timeless Sophistication

The 1920s were not just about short haircuts; updos also made a statement. Rolled and pinned updos were a symbol of timeless sophistication. Hair was expertly coiled and secured at the back, creating a polished and refined look that suited various occasions.

7. Eton Crop: Defying Gender Norms

The Eton crop was a daring androgynous haircut that challenged traditional gender roles. This boyish crop involved trimming hair very short, creating a bold and confident look. The Eton crop was embraced by women who wished to defy societal norms and express their individuality.

8. Victory Rolls: Triumph of Style

Victory rolls were a favorite among women with long hair. This unique hairstyle involved curling sections of hair inward and rolling them up towards the scalp, creating a distinctive “victory” shape. Victory rolls added flair and playfulness to 1920s looks.

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