5 Exercises To Boost Hair Growth

Cardiovascular Exercises: Engaging in cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, or brisk walking increases blood circulation throughout the body, including the scalp. 

Headstand or Inversion Yoga Poses: Certain yoga poses, like the headstand (Sirsasana) or other inversion poses, can help increase blood flow to the scalp. 

Scalp Massage: While not a traditional exercise, massaging your scalp regularly can stimulate blood circulation and promote relaxation. 

Neck Exercises: Exercises that involve neck movements, such as neck stretches and rotations, can indirectly improve blood circulation to the scalp. 

Yoga and Breathing Techniques: Certain yoga poses, along with deep breathing exercises, can help reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

Stress is known to contribute to hair loss, so practicing stress-reducing activities like yoga and controlled breathing can support overall hair health.

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