7 Things to Consider Before Seeing a Therapist

Determine your goals

Before starting treatment, consider your objectives. Clear objectives might help you communicate with the therapist about stress, relationships, or a particular problem

Research different therapy approaches

CBT, psychodynamic, and mindfulness-based therapies are available. Discover which method suits your requirements and tastes.

Consider therapist specialization

Therapists typically specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationships. Find a therapist who specializes in your issues.

Check credentials and licensing

Make sure your therapist is licensed in your country. Look for LPC, LCSW, Ph.D., or Psy.D. qualifications.

Seek recommendations

Ask reliable friends, family, or healthcare experts about therapy. Their advice might help you discover a trustworthy and suitable therapist.

Consider logistics

Consider location, availability, and pricing. Choose in-person or online counseling. Check whether the therapist takes your insurance or offers sliding scale pricing depending on your income.

Trust your gut feeling

Feeling comfortable and trusting a therapist is crucial. Pay attention to your intuition and the therapist's connection during a first consultation or phone conversation. Successful therapy requires feeling understood, valued, and supported.

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