Barbie: The $3 Toy That Changed the World

Barbie has been popular for 60 years. She appears in film, TV, and games. Books, essays, and academic research have covered her.

Generations of girls have dreamed big with Barbie. She has inspired girls to become doctors, firefighters, and presidents.

Barbie's unrealistic physical image is questioned. She is typically represented as overly skinny and unrealistically proportioned. However, Mattel has recently made Barbie more diverse and inclusive.

Barbie boosted the economy. She sold Mattel billions. She created employment and boosted the economy.

Barbie is controversial. Some say she's bad for girls. Others say she's a harmless toy that lets girls be creative.

Barbie represents change. She changed with the times. She has appeared in several nationalities, body kinds, and occupations.

Barbie's iconic. World-famous toys include her. She represents girlhood and aspiration.

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