Cities on the Brink: 7 Close to Bankruptcy

New York City - Grade  F. New York City is one of the ten most fiscally troubled cities in the United States, with a high tax burden and a deficit contributing to its financial instability. 

Chicago, Illinois - Grade F. Chicago is another city facing serious financial challenges, with a grade of F in fiscal health. It has a significant debt burden and struggles to meet its financial obligations

Honolulu, Hawaii - Grade F. Honolulu is one of the cities on the brink of financial collapse, with a failing grade in fiscal health. The city faces a high tax burden and a significant deficit, contributing to its precarious financial situation.

Portland, Oregon Portland is among the fiscally troubled cities facing potential bankruptcy. The city has seen an increase in municipal debt per taxpayer since 2017, which raises concerns about its long-term financial stability.

New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is also on the list of financially troubled cities. It has experienced an increase in municipal debt per taxpayer since 2017, which adds to its fiscal challenges. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is grappling with fiscal issues that put it at risk of bankruptcy. The city's high tax burden and deficits contribute to its financial instability and raise concerns about the sustainability of its pension obligations

St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis is one of the cities facing serious financial challenges. Its fiscal health has been weakened by a high tax burden and deficits, making it vulnerable to potential bankruptcy.

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