Fabulous at 50: 7 Sexy Hairstyles for Women in 2023


Bobs are timeless. It suits most facial shapes and is versatile. A blunt bob with side-swept bangs is attractive and fresh.

The Bob


The lob, a longer bob, flatters ladies over 50. It might be straight, wavy, or disheveled. A curtain-banged lob is seductive.

The Lob


The shag is a layered hairstyle that is perfect for adding volume and texture to fine hair. It is also a great way to frame the face and create a sexy, youthful look.

The Shag


The pixie is a short, edgy hairstyle that is perfect for women who want to make a statement. It is also a great way to show off your natural hair color and texture.

The Pixie


Women who wish to stand out might try the asymmetrical bob. It creates a seductive, edgy appearance and elongates the face.

The Asymmetrical Bob


Wavy bobs may be styled up or down. It gives hair volume and movement. A side-swept, wavy bob is attractive.

The Wavy Bob


Curly-haired ladies love the flirtatious curly bob. It also volumizes hair. A side-swept curly bob is beautiful.

The Curly Bob