Nail Art That Will Make You the Belle of the Ball


Try colored or textured tips instead than white. For an elegant French manicure, consider glitter, metallic, or negative space patterns.

French manicure


Create a gradient nail design using ombré. Choose matching colors for the occasion and combine them effortlessly from cuticle to nail. Add glitter or a metallic ombré for glamour.

Ombre nails


Metallic embellishments enhance nails. Metallic foil, chrome powder, and metallic nail polish make exquisite designs. Metallic nail polish is available.

Metallic Accents


Add embellishments to your nail design. Create beautiful manicures using rhinestones, pearls, studs, and other accessories. These decorations sparkle alone or in combinations.

Embellished Nails


Create intricate nail art. Floral, geometric, delicate, or event-specific designs may be employed. Nail art brushes, stamps, and decals create excellent designs.

Intricate Nail Art


Matte textures are stylish. Matte polishes improve designs. Matte and glossy motifs, negative space designs, and matte topcoats create velvety nail art.

Matte Magic


Simple, lovely nail art. Use a single color or neutral palette with small lines, dots, or negative space for sophistication. This style is excellent for formal gatherings or elegant nail designs.

Minimalist Chic