Poured Down the Drain: 10 Voted Worst-Tasting Beers

Natural Light

Natural Light is a budget-friendly light lager known for its watery flavor and lack of complexity, often popular among college students.


Bud Light Lime

 Bud Light Lime, with added lime flavor, has received mixed reviews due to its artificial taste, affecting the overall beer experience.


Coors Light

Coors Light, featuring cold-activated blue mountains, is a divisive light lager, with some enjoying its refreshing nature while others find it bland.


Keystone Light

Keystone Light, an affordable light lager, is known for its mild taste but criticized for being excessively watery.


Miller High Life

Miller High Life, the "Champagne of Beers," is a budget option with a crisp taste, but opinions differ on its carbonation and flavor.


Pabst Blue Ribbon 

Pabst Blue Ribbon gained popularity among nostalgic and hipster crowds but faces criticism for its unremarkable taste.


Busch Light

Busch Light, a light lager, is enjoyed by some for its easy-drinking nature, while others find it lacking in flavor and complexity.


Natty Ice 

Natural Ice, or "Natty Ice," is a budget-friendly beer with a high-alcohol content, but criticized for its strong and harsh taste.


Milwaukee's Best

Milwaukee's Best is a value beer option that some people find to be lacking in taste and quality compared to other options in the market.



Schlitz, a historic American beer brand, has seen a resurgence, but opinions vary on its taste, with some finding it lacking or not meeting its past reputation.


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