Revamp Your Lunch 6 High-Protein Meals to Pack

Grilled Chicken Salad: Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado. Add a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.

Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl: Cooked quinoa mixed with black beans, diced bell peppers, corn, and chopped cilantro. Top with grilled tofu or shrimp for added protein.

Greek Yogurt Parfait: Layer Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and a sprinkle of granola or nuts for added crunch. Greek yogurt is high in protein and makes a satisfying and creamy base.

Turkey Wrap: Fill a whole wheat wrap with sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and a spread of hummus or avocado. Roll it up and pack it for a protein-packed lunch on the go.

Salmon and Quinoa Salad: Grilled or baked salmon served on a bed of cooked quinoa, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. Drizzle with a light vinaigrette dressing.

Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps: Make a protein-rich egg salad by mixing hard-boiled eggs with Greek yogurt, diced celery, and a sprinkle of paprika. Serve the egg salad wrapped in lettuce leaves.

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