Taco Bell Wins 'Taco Tuesday' Trademark Battle

Taco Bell petitioned the USPTO in May 2023 to revoke Taco John's federal trademark registration for "Taco Tuesday."

Taco John's had the trademark since 1989, but Taco Bell claimed that the slogan had become generic and that Taco John's was no longer utilizing it distinctively.

Taco John's dropped their "Taco Tuesday" trademark registration on July 18, 2023, when the USPTO agreed with Taco Bell.

This means that any restaurant can now use the phrase "Taco Tuesday" to promote taco specials on Tuesdays.

Taco Bell is celebrating its victory by offering free tacos on Tuesday, July 19, 2023.

The company is also calling on other restaurants to join them in celebrating "Taco Tuesday" by offering their own taco specials.

The food sector has carefully followed the "Taco Tuesday" trademark case, which might affect other generic names in marketing.

Taco Bell wins when the USPTO cancels Taco John's trademark registration, but it creates a precedent that might effect other eateries.

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