The 7 Worst Aspects of Male Existence 

Allowing disrespect Men should never allow disrespect, as it can stifle brilliance and hinder personal growth

Toxic Masculinity Cultural attitudes that promote aggression, dominance, and suppression of emotions can contribute to a harmful and restrictive definition of masculinity.

Using women for validation Men should respect women and understand that social prestige is not tied to the number of women they sleep with

Excessive partying  Men should avoid excessive partying, as it can lead to a decline in productivity and distract from important goals

Comparing oneself to others Constantly comparing oneself to others can lead to insecurity and depressive issues

Intimidating people Intimidating behavior is a sign of deep-rooted insecurities and should be avoided 

Lack of advocacy Men often face a lack of advocacy and support, which can lead to various challenges and hardships

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