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Travel7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors

7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors

Are you feeling the call of the great outdoors, ready to embark on a camping adventure? There’s something truly magical about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immersing yourself in the serene beauty of nature. And when it comes to camping, one of the most vital aspects of the experience is the food you’ll relish under the open sky.


With this complete guide, we hope to be your reliable partner as you explore the world of camping food. It’s about “7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors.” No matter how experienced you are with camping—whether you’ve been on a lot of trips or this is your first time—we’ve got you covered.

This isn’t just a list of recipes; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. We’ll walk you through fantastic meal ideas and provide you with practical advice to ensure your camping trip is as enjoyable as it is flavorful. So, with your camping gear ready, your excitement in full swing, let’s take that first step into the world of outdoor cooking.


7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors

Campfire Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:

Campfire grilled cheese sandwiches are a comforting and straightforward campfire meal. To prepare them:

  • Start by selecting your favorite type of bread, whether it’s rustic whole-grain bread or classic white bread. The choice is yours. For the best results, pick a bread that’s sturdy and can withstand the campfire heat.
  • Next, choose your favorite cheese or cheese blend. Popular choices include cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, or even pepper jack for a little extra kick.
  • Begin by buttering the outsides of the bread slices. This step is crucial for achieving that classic, crispy texture that makes grilled cheese so irresistible.
  • Place your chosen cheese between two slices of bread to create a sandwich.
  • To cook your campfire grilled cheese sandwich, you have a couple of options. You can use a long-handled grilling fork, which allows you to hold the sandwich over the campfire directly. Alternatively, you can use a cast iron skillet or a grilling grate placed over the campfire.
  • Cook your sandwich over the campfire, turning it occasionally to ensure even toasting. The heat from the fire will melt the cheese, and the bread will turn golden brown and crisp.
  • Once your campfire grilled cheese sandwich is perfectly cooked, carefully remove it from the heat, allow it to cool for a moment, and then savor the simple yet delicious treat.

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Foil Packet Tacos:

Foil packet tacos are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite taco flavors while camping, and they’re remarkably easy to prepare. Here’s a step-by-step guide:-

  • Take a large piece of aluminum foil, which will serve as the “packet.” Place seasoned ground beef or beans in the center of the foil.
  • Add your favorite taco toppings. You can get creative here, including diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, diced onions, grated cheese, and even a dollop of sour cream or salsa for extra flavor.
  • Once you’ve added all your desired toppings, carefully seal the foil packet. Make sure it’s sealed tightly to prevent any leaks.
  • Place the foil packet on a grill grate or campfire grate, and cook it over the campfire. This method will allow all the ingredients to heat and meld together.
  • After about 10-15 minutes, open the foil packet carefully. You’ll find a delicious and mess-free campfire taco ready to be enjoyed.

Campfire Skewers:

Campfire skewers offer a delightful way to savor a variety of flavors on your camping adventure. Here’s how to make them:

  • Begin by cutting pieces of chicken, vegetables, and fruits. You can marinate the chicken in your favorite sauces or spices for added flavor.
  • Thread these ingredients onto skewers, alternating between chicken, veggies, and fruits to create a diverse combination of flavors.
  • Grill the skewers over the campfire, turning them occasionally to ensure even cooking. The fire’s heat will impart a delicious smoky flavor to your skewers.
  • Once the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender, your campfire skewers are ready to be enjoyed. The contrast between the smoky, grilled chicken and the fresh, grilled vegetables creates a mouthwatering meal that’s perfect for a camping outing.

Campfire Chili:

Campfire chili is a warm and satisfying dish that’s ideal for those chilly camping nights. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Use a large pot or a cast iron Dutch oven to prepare your campfire chili. Start by combining canned beans (your choice of kidney beans, black beans, or pinto beans), diced tomatoes, ground meat (such as beef, turkey, or a meat substitute), and your preferred spices. Common chili spices include chili powder, cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper.
  • Place the pot over the campfire, using a campfire grate or a tripod setup. Stir the chili occasionally to ensure it simmers evenly and the flavors meld together.
  • As the chili cooks over the open flame, the enticing aroma will fill the campsite, making everyone eager for dinner.
  • Once the chili is hot and all the flavors have melded together (usually around 30-45 minutes), it’s ready to be served. Top it with grated cheese, sour cream, and chopped green onions for an extra touch of flavor.
  • Campfire chili is not only delicious, but it also provides warmth and comfort on cool camping nights.

Campfire Breakfast Burritos:

Campfire breakfast burritos are a great way to start your day with a hearty and delicious meal. Here’s how to make them:

  • Start by cracking eggs into a bowl and scrambling them. You can add a variety of ingredients to your liking, such as diced bacon, shredded cheese, diced onions, bell peppers, and any other vegetables you enjoy.
  • Heat a skillet over the campfire or a camp stove, add some oil, and pour in your egg mixture.
  • Cook the eggs, stirring occasionally until they’re fully cooked and any added ingredients are tender.
  • Once the eggs are done, lay out your tortillas, and spoon the egg mixture onto each one.
  • Carefully roll up the tortillas, creating burritos. You can also add a dollop of salsa or hot sauce for some extra flavor.
  • To warm up your campfire breakfast burritos, you can place them on a grill grate or skillet over the campfire. Heat them until they’re warm and slightly crispy on the outside.
  • Enjoy your campfire breakfast burritos as a delicious and filling start to your day in the great outdoors.

One-Pot Camping Pasta:

One-pot camping pasta is a convenient and satisfying camping meal that requires minimal effort. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Start by choosing your favorite type of pasta, whether it’s spaghetti, penne, or rotini. Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil over your camp stove or open flame.
  • Once the water is boiling, add the pasta and cook it until it reaches your desired level of tenderness. Make sure to stir every so often so that nothing sticks.
  • Drain the cooked pasta using a strainer or by carefully pouring out the boiling water.
  • Add pre-made pasta sauce to the pot, along with any additional ingredients you like. You can include cooked meat, sautéed vegetables, and spices to enhance the flavor.
  • Heat the pasta sauce and additional ingredients over the campfire, stirring to ensure everything is well mixed and hot.
  • Once everything is heated through, you’re ready to serve your one-pot camping pasta. It’s a quick and delicious meal that’s perfect for camping, with minimal cleanup required.

Campfire Sausages:

Campfire sausages are a simple and tasty camping classic. Here’s how to prepare them:

  • Select your preferred type of sausages, whether it’s classic pork, chicken, or a plant-based option.
  • If you have skewers or long sticks, you can thread the sausages onto them for grilling over the campfire. Alternatively, you can use a cast iron pan or skillet to cook the sausages.
  • Grill the sausages over the campfire, turning them occasionally to ensure even cooking. The heat will give them a smoky and delicious flavor.
  • Once the sausages are cooked to your liking, serve them with your preferred buns and condiments. Ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, and onions are common choices to enhance the flavor.
  • Campfire sausages are a quick and easy camping meal, making them a popular choice for a satisfying campfire dinner or lunch.

These campfire meal ideas are not only delicious but also easy to prepare, making them perfect for enjoying the outdoors while camping. Whether you’re by the campfire or using a camp stove, these meals are sure to satisfy your appetite while adding to your camping experience.

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Camping is a thrilling journey that beckons you to embrace the wonders of the great outdoors. Yet, it’s not just about sleeping under the stars or exploring the wilderness; it’s about crafting a complete experience, and that includes your dining adventure.

With our guide featuring “7 Easy Camping Meals You Can Actually Make Outdoors,” you’re poised to unlock a world of flavors right in the heart of nature. These carefully curated recipes offer you a versatile array of options, ensuring that your taste buds are in for a delightful treat as you bask in the beauty of the natural world.


While you savor these culinary delights, remember that safety is paramount in the wilderness. It’s crucial to follow outdoor cooking guidelines, maintain a respectful distance from the campfire’s dancing flames, and use the right tools for the job. The goal is not only to enjoy delicious meals but also to ensure your camping adventure is free from unnecessary risks.


What safety precautions should I take when cooking outdoors?

When cooking outdoors, always follow safety guidelines. Keep a safe distance from the campfire, use proper cooking utensils, and ensure the fire is fully extinguished after use.

Can I make vegetarian versions of these meals?

Absolutely! Most of these camping meals can be easily adapted to suit a vegetarian diet. Swap out meat for tofu or additional vegetables.


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