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AMAZEDThe Best Hot Dogs in Every State

The Best Hot Dogs in Every State

Hot dogs, a quintessential American treat, have evolved into regional delights, each state boasting its unique twists and flavors. Join us on a mouth-watering journey as we uncover the best hot dogs across the nation, from Gus’s in Alabama to Steve’s Hot Dogs in Missouri.


1. Alabama: Gus’s – A Birmingham Tradition

In the heart of Birmingham, Gus’s hot dog joint has been a local favorite since 1940. Run by a family of Greek immigrants, Gus’s is renowned for its fat, pink, locally-made franks, chargrilled to perfection, and crowned with Gus’s unique onion sauce.

2. Alaska: Talkeetna Roadhouse – Elevating Reindeer Dogs

A few hours north of Anchorage, Talkeetna Roadhouse stands as a hotspot for reindeer dogs. The Chili-Rudy, a delightful pairing of Polish-style franks with reindeer chili, makes this spot a must-visit in one of Alaska’s amiable small towns.


3. Arizona: El Guero Canelo – Sonoran Dog Paradise

Situated in Tucson, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, El Guero Canelo shines with its famed Sonoran dogs. These bacon-wrapped franks in steamed bolillos are adorned with beans, onions, mustard, mayo, and jalapeƱo salsa, creating a true culinary masterpiece.

4. Arkansas: Original ScoopDog – Chicago-Style Delights

North Little Rock’s Original ScoopDog brings Chicago-style all-beef dogs with a local twist. Savor the Sooie Dog with bacon and barbecue sauce or indulge in the Frito Pie dog topped with queso, Fritos, chili, and celery salt.


5. California: Barrio Dogg – Creative Angus Beef Franks

In San Diego’s Barrio Logan, Barrio Dogg takes hot dogs to a new level with creative Angus beef franks in Sonoran-style bolillos. Try the Xolito, featuring two kinds of onions, tomatoes, crema, salsa verde, Sriracha aioli, and cheddar cheese.

6. Colorado: Biker Jim’s – Exotic Game Sausages

Denver’s Biker Jim’s stands out with exotic game sausages, including wild boar, ostrich, rattlesnake, and rabbit. A classic choice is the cream cheese and caramelized onions topping, inspired by the flavors of Seattle.


7. Connecticut: Blackie’s – A Pepper Relish Sensation

Since 1928, Blackie’s in Cheshire has been offering local franks on plain rolls, topped with flavorful pepper relish and spicy mustard. An iconic roadside favorite known for its unique pepper relish and spicy brown mustard.

8. Delaware: Dog House vs. Deer Head Chili Dogs – A Chili Dog Showdown

In Delaware, the Dog House in New Castle and Deer Head Chili Dogs in Wilmington and Newark compete for the title of the best chili dog. Both legendary spots offer chili dogs with split foot-longs on hoagie rolls.


9. Florida: El Mago de las Fritas – Cuban-Style Perfection

Miami’s El Mago de las Fritas showcases South American hot dog culture with Cuban-style perros. Don’t miss the Mago Meaty Dog with ham croquetas, potato sticks, and flavorful frita meat.

10. Georgia: Charlie Joseph’s – Relish the Century-Old Recipes

In La Grange, Charlie Joseph’s serves hot dogs with century-old relish recipes. Signature choices include spicy-hot pepper relish and the Southern favorite, the slaw dog.


11. Hawaii: Puka Dog – Polish Sausages in Paradise

In Kauai, Puka Dog features Polish sausages in freshly-baked blankets with passion fruit mustard. A popular choice is the Xolito with garlic lemon aioli and mango relish.

12. Idaho: Irving’s Red Hots – Polish Dogs in the Mountains

In Sun Valley, Jill Rubin’s Irving’s Red Hots has been serving Polish dogs since the 1970s. The simple yet satisfying choice includes Polish dogs on steamed buns with classic toppings.


13. Indiana: Coney Island Wiener Stand – A Century of Grilled Dogs

Fort Wayne’s Coney Island Wiener Stand, open since 1913, serves grilled dogs on steamed buns with unique coney meat sauce. A classic choice includes dogs topped with mustard, coney meat sauce, and chopped raw onion.

14. Kentucky: Camayo Arcade’s Jim’s Hot Dogs & Spaghetti – Italian-Spiced Delights

Ashland’s Jim’s Hot Dogs & Spaghetti in Camayo Arcade serves chili dogs with a unique Italian-spiced meat sauce. Specialties include Coney dogs topped with mustard and secretively-spiced coney meat sauce.


15. Maine: Dysart’s – Red Snapper Dogs in New England

In Portsmouth, Dysart’s pairs red snapper dogs with molasses and salt pork-cooked yellow-eye beans. A classic New England choice, Beans & Dogs, features house-made beans, high-quality franks, and buttered bread.

16. Michigan: Lafayette Coney Island – Rich Beef Heart Sauce Delicacy

Detroit’s Lafayette Coney Island, open since 1924, offers Coney dogs with a rich beef heart sauce. The signature choice includes Coney dogs with mustard and chopped raw onion.


17. Mississippi: Ward’s – Fast Food Secrets of the South

With over 40 locations, Ward’s is Mississippi’s fast-food secret, featuring classic chili cheese dogs and hot tamales. A notable choice is The Big One, a classic chili cheese dog.

18. Missouri: Steve’s Hot Dogs – BBQ Magic in St. Louis

In St. Louis, Steve’s Hot Dogs, saved by an angel investor, offers the Backyard BBQ dog with a smoky frank and barbecue toppings. A reopened favorite, enjoy hot dogs with creative toppings.



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