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Food & HealthFood9 Best Taco Bell Menu Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Best Taco Bell Menu Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Taco Bell, with its unique blend of Mexican-inspired fast food, has long been a favorite among food enthusiasts. But did you know that there’s a secret world of menu hacks that can elevate your Taco Bell experience to new heights? In this blog post, we’re about to unveil the best Taco Bell menu hacks that will leave your taste buds astounded. From creative combinations of ingredients to clever ordering tricks, we’ve explored the menu to bring you a selection of mind-blowing choices that you may have never considered.


Whether you’re a loyal Taco Bell aficionado or a newbie eager to explore the exciting world of flavor, these hacks will open up a world of culinary possibilities you won’t want to miss. Get ready to embark on a taste adventure with these nine extraordinary Taco Bell menu hacks that are sure to tantalize your palate.

Top Taco Bell Menu Hacks to Make Your Food More Creative

Taco Bell has long been a go-to destination for those seeking delicious and affordable fast food. But did you know that there are creative ways to enhance your Taco Bell experience? With a touch of ingenuity, you can unlock hidden gems on the menu and even customize your orders to suit your taste preferences and order your food like a pro.


1. The Unofficial Quesarito

The Unofficial Quesarito

The “Unofficial Quesarito” has earned a special place in the hearts of Taco Bell enthusiasts, merging the best of two worlds: the quesadilla and the burrito. Crafting this delectable treat involves a straightforward yet ingenious order – request a beefy burrito to be enveloped in a cheese quesadilla. The outcome is a mouthwatering fusion of flavors, where the comforting goodness of the burrito meets the irresistible cheesiness of the quesadilla. The warm tortilla encases a treasure trove of savory delights, and each bite unveils a symphony of textures and tastes, making it a fan-favorite hack that elevates the Taco Bell experience to a whole new level.

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2. The Mexican Pizza + Cheesy Roll-Up Mashup

The Mexican Pizza + Cheesy Roll-Up Mashup

Taco Bell’s official TikTok account shared an inventive hack to rekindle the love for Mexican Pizza, even though it’s no longer officially on the menu. The trick involves ordering two Cheesy Roll-Ups and stacking them to replicate the pizza’s iconic layers. Then, it’s your chance to get creative – add your preferred toppings to craft a personalized and enjoyable delight. This clever hack breathes new life into a beloved classic, ensuring that the flavors and nostalgia of Mexican Pizza continue to thrive at Taco Bell. It’s a testament to the innovation and flexibility that the world of fast-food secret menus offers to fans of these iconic chains.

3. Ditch the Packets for Red Sauce

Ditch the Packets for Red Sauce

For those who love Taco Bell’s zesty sauce but find the packets a bit cumbersome for dipping, there’s a nifty solution. Simply request your preferred red sauce to be drizzled directly onto your tacos, burritos, or any other menu item. This way, you get to relish just the right amount of spiciness without the hassle of handling sauce packets. It’s a convenient hack that ensures your Taco Bell experience remains mess-free and allows you to savor that signature fiery flavor seamlessly. Taco Bell’s willingness to accommodate such customizations makes it easy for you to tailor your meal to perfection.


4. The Potato Swaps

The Potato Swaps taco

Taco Bell’s Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes have garnered a devoted following, and it’s no surprise – they offer a delightful, cheesy, and fulfilling experience. What’s remarkable is their versatility; you can elevate practically any menu item by adding or swapping these delectable potatoes. Whether you’re looking to enhance your burrito’s flavor profile or include a satisfying side with your meal, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes prove to be a versatile and flavorful addition. They’re a testament to Taco Bell’s commitment to catering to diverse tastes and customizations, ensuring that your fast-food experience is as personalized and delicious as can be.

5. Customize Your Nachos

Customize Your Nachos

Taco Bell’s nachos are undeniably a fan favorite, but why settle for the ordinary when you can make them uniquely yours? Simply order a side of nachos and request your chosen toppings to be added before assembly. Whether you’re a devotee of extra cheese, additional meat, or a medley of flavorful ingredients, personalizing your nachos ensures that each bite is a reflection of your individual taste. This customization option empowers you to craft a nacho experience that perfectly suits your preferences, enhancing the enjoyment of an already beloved menu item. Taco Bell’s commitment to flexibility and personalization means that you can savor your nachos just the way you like them, offering a delightful twist on a classic.


6. Cheesarito


Much like numerous other hidden gems on the Taco Bell secret menu hacks, the Cheesarito is a fan-inspired revival of a discontinued official Taco Bell item. Interestingly, it’s one of the few secret menu items that Taco Bell employees are well-acquainted with just by its name. The Cheesarito is essentially a soft tortilla wrapped around melted cheese, Taco Bell’s zesty taco sauce, and a sprinkling of scallions.

It serves as a grilled alternative to the quesadilla, making it a go-to for those seeking a cheesy indulgence without the meat. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or trying to pre-fill before a fancy dinner, the Cheesarito is a clever secret menu trick that has garnered a dedicated following among fast food enthusiasts.


You’ll have the pleasure of trying the classic Cheesarito, consisting of a soft taco filled solely with cheese, taco sauce, and scallions. You can also venture to experiment with an addition of jalapeños to this classic combination, and the results will not disappoint. The jalapeños add a satisfying kick of heat and acidity to an otherwise predominantly salty offering.

7. DIY 7 Layer Burrito

DIY 7 Layer Burrito

Once a beloved choice for vegetarian Taco Bell enthusiasts, the 7-Layer Burrito, a discontinued item from Taco Bell’s official menu, featured a delicious medley of beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. Recreating this iconic burrito as a vegetarian option involves a bit of culinary finesse. Start by ordering a basic bean and cheese burrito, and request it to be served Fresco Style, which is the secret code for vegan. Then, elevate it by adding potatoes and guacamole.


While this custom creation is a clever workaround, it does have a downside. The potatoes can sometimes distract from the overall texture of the burrito, serving as a constant reminder that you’re enjoying a “vegetarian dish.” The original 7-Layer Burrito, which featured both sour cream and lettuce, provided a more balanced contrast to the hearty ingredients, breaking up the texture and adding a refreshing element to what might otherwise be a monotonously salty experience.

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8. Fresco-Style Anything

. Fresco-Style Anything

Adding to the list of peculiar translations in chain food naming, Taco Bell’s “Fresco” (which means “fresh” or “not frozen” in Spanish) involves substituting ingredients typically higher in calories and fat, like mayo-based sauces, cheeses, and reduced-fat sour cream, with freshly prepared diced tomatoes. This simple modification allows you to reduce the calorie and fat content of your meal by up to 25%.

In simpler terms, ordering Fresco-style is a quick and convenient way to transform your beef-filled burrito into a vegetarian (if not vegan) option. However, it’s no surprise that much of the indulgent pleasure associated with a Taco Bell meal comes from the creamy, gooey, cheesy, and, consequently, indulgent sauces and toppings we’ve come to love. Swapping out these sauces for guacamole or sliced tomatoes can sometimes leave your meal tasting like a makeshift creation from whatever’s left in the fridge. Nonetheless, the “Fresco-style” option does come in handy when someone in your group is looking for a healthier menu choice.


9. Cloudy Skies

Cloudy Skies

A previously hidden gem, the Cloudy Skies, gained popularity thanks to TikTok, and it’s a clever creation by a Taco Bell employee.

The Cloudy Skies drink is like the pop star Katy Perry of Arnold Palmers: unabashedly bold, almost too sweet, and designed for a wide audience. When you take a sip, it combines the best elements of Taco Bell’s Baja Blast, known for its lively mix of lime and tropical fruit flavors like mango, pineapple, and citrus, and blends them with the familiar citrusy zing of Taco Bell’s strawberry lemonade, which is sweet yet refreshing. If you’re looking to show off your creative drink from the secret menu, remember to snap a photo before leaving the Taco Bell parking lot because the layered colors (aquamarine and cotton candy pink) quickly meld into a surprisingly appealing fuchsia hue.


Bottom Line

Exploring the world of Taco Bell menu hacks is like uncovering a hidden treasure chest of flavors. These creative combinations and ordering tricks can breathe new life into your fast-food experience, transforming ordinary menu items into extraordinary culinary delights. Whether you’re looking to spice up your usual order or craving something entirely unique, these menu hacks offer a world of possibilities.

So, the next time you find yourself at Taco Bell, don’t hesitate to dive into the realm of menu hacks and savor the mind-blowing flavors that await. Your taste buds will thank you for this exciting journey into the deliciously unexpected.


1. What is a menu hack at Taco Bell?

A menu hack at Taco Bell involves customizing your order to create unique and often delicious combinations not found on the regular menu. These hacks are created by mixing and matching existing ingredients in creative ways.

2. Can I order menu hacks at any Taco Bell location?

While menu hacks are not officially listed on the menu, most Taco Bell locations are willing to accommodate custom orders. However, it’s a good idea to check with your local Taco Bell to confirm their flexibility and willingness to make these hacks.

3. Are menu hacks more expensive than regular menu items?

The cost of a menu hack can vary depending on the ingredients and customizations you request. In some cases, menu hacks may be slightly more expensive, but the difference is usually marginal.

4. How do I order a menu hack at Taco Bell?

To order a menu hack, simply communicate your customizations and preferences to the Taco Bell staff when you place your order. It’s helpful to provide clear instructions to ensure you get the desired combination of ingredients for your hack.


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