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Pets & AnimalsDog18 Best Toy Dog Breeds: Mini Marvels You Can Own

18 Best Toy Dog Breeds: Mini Marvels You Can Own

Welcome to a world of pint-sized cuteness and charm! If you’ve ever been enchanted by the idea of having a furry companion that fits snugly in your lap, then you’re in for a treat. In this blog, we’re diving headfirst into the enchanting realm of the best toy dog breeds – those tiny bundles of joy that bring immense love and delight into our lives. 


Get ready to explore the top 18 toy dog breeds that will steal your heart with their pint-sized personalities and endearing qualities. From the feisty Chihuahua to the elegant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these little canines are big on personality and are about to make a big impression on you. So, let’s embark on this delightful journey and discover the world of the tiniest yet most lovable canine companions.

What Makes Toy Dog Breeds Special

Toy dog breeds are a breed apart, known for their endearing qualities and adaptability to various living situations. Here’s what makes them so special:

  1. Petite Size, Big Heart: Toy dogs may be small in stature, but they have hearts as big as their larger counterparts. Their diminutive size makes them perfect for indoor living, whether you reside in a sprawling house or a cozy apartment.
  2. Adaptability: Toy breeds are highly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of family dynamics. They make great companions for singles, couples, seniors, and families with children.
  3. Personality Plus: These pups are packed with personality! They’re often known for their charming and affectionate nature, making them fantastic companions for cuddles and play.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Toy Dog

Before learning about the ten best toy dog breeds and owning one, you must know some factors for considering the best small dog breeds for you:

  1. Family Size and Dynamics: Consider the size of your family and the age of your children. Some toy breeds are better suited for families with older kids, while others are gentle enough for households with young ones.
  2. Living Space: Think about the size of your living space. Toy dogs are ideal for apartment living, but they also thrive in houses with yards.
  3. Activity Level: Different toy breeds have varying exercise needs. Make sure the breed you choose matches your family’s activity level and lifestyle.
  4. Allergies: If anyone in your family has allergies, research hypoallergenic toy breeds that produce fewer allergens.
  5. Maintenance Requirements: Consider grooming needs, as some toy breeds require regular grooming and maintenance.

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18 Best Toy Dog Breeds

Here, you will get a list of the top 18 toy or small dog breeds you can own as a perfect companion. So, let’s continue and have a look at our list of the best toy dog breeds. 

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are not only the smallest dog breed but also one of the most fearless. Their petite size is matched by their enormous personalities.


These little dogs often develop a strong bond with their owners, becoming loyal companions who are always eager to protect their loved ones. They may be tiny, but they have a big heart.

2. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are fluffy balls of energy with a distinctive fox-like face and a plume-like tail that arches over their back. They are known for their lively and intelligent nature. Pomeranians often believe they’re much larger than they are and will fearlessly defend their territory.


Their thick double coat requires regular grooming to keep it in top shape, but their affectionate and entertaining disposition makes them beloved pets.

3. Pekingese

With a regal appearance reminiscent of a lion, Pekingese dogs have long been associated with Chinese royalty. Despite their dignified bearing, they are affectionate and devoted to their families.


They may be a bit reserved around strangers, but their loyalty and protective instincts make them wonderful companions.

4. Maltese

Maltese dogs are instantly recognizable by their long, silky white coats. They have a sweet and gentle disposition, thriving on companionship and affection.

Maltese dogs are great choices for families seeking a loving and portable pet that enjoys cuddles and playtime.


5. Yorkshire Terrier

Known as “Yorkies,” these small terriers are bursting with spunk and personality. They sport glossy blue and tan coats that require regular grooming to maintain their beauty. Yorkies are highly intelligent and excel in obedience training and agility.

They form strong bonds with their owners and are always up for fun and adventure. Keep reading to learn more about the best toy dog breeds. 


6. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are renowned for their beautiful, flowing coats, which require diligent grooming. Beyond their regal appearance, they have friendly and outgoing personalities. They are known to be affectionate and adaptable, making them wonderful family pets.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These elegant toy dogs possess a sweet and gentle nature. They are known for their affectionate disposition and adaptability.


Cavaliers love being close to their owners and are content whether they’re lounging on the couch or going for a walk. Their beautiful, silky coat comes in various color combinations, adding to their charm.

8. Toy Poodle

Miniature versions of the standard Poodle, Toy Poodles are highly intelligent and easy to train. They have a hypoallergenic coat, which makes them suitable for allergy sufferers.


These dogs excel in various dog sports and are known for their friendly and playful personalities. Scroll down and learn more about the best toy dog breeds.

9. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chins are known for their distinctive pushed-in faces, elegant appearance, and flowing silky coats. They have a gentle and dignified personality, often forming strong bonds with their families.

While they may be reserved around strangers, they are affectionate and loving with those they trust.

10. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are small in stature but big in spirit. They are confident, spirited, and always ready for action.

With their sleek, shiny coats and boundless energy, they make excellent watchdogs and active companions. Miniature Pinschers are known for their fearless nature and unwavering loyalty to their families.

11. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are often called “fluffy clouds of joy” due to their soft, curly white coats and cheerful personalities. They are inherently affectionate and love to be the center of attention.

Their playful nature makes them ideal for families, and they thrive on social interactions. Bichons are known for their adaptability to various living situations, whether it’s a bustling household or a quieter environment.

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12. Coton de Tulear

Originating from Madagascar, the Coton de Tulear stands out with its cotton-like, fluffy coat. They are incredibly affectionate and social dogs, forming strong bonds with their owners.

Cotons are playful and enjoy interactive games, making them wonderful companions for families and individuals alike. To have more information on the best toy dog breeds, please keep reading. 

13. Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are the sleek and slender version of the Greyhound breed. Despite their fragile appearance, they are surprisingly agile and fast runners.

These gentle and affectionate dogs love being close to their human companions and are content with cuddles on the couch or a brisk sprint around the yard.

14. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested dogs come in two varieties – the Powderpuff with a full coat of soft hair and the Hairless variety with exposed skin.

These small dogs are known for their unique appearance and charming personalities. They are one of the most friendly and affectionate and thrive on being in the company of their owners on our list of best toy dog breeds.

15. Papillon

Papillons are named for their butterfly-like ears, which are as expressive as their personalities. These intelligent and lively dogs are eager to please, making them excellent candidates for obedience training and agility sports. Papillons form deep bonds with their families and are always ready for a playful adventure.

16. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons are captivating with their expressive faces and enchanting personalities. They are affectionate and often described as “velcro dogs” due to their desire to be near their owners at all times. These small dogs are loving companions and will readily show their loyalty through affectionate gestures.

17. Havanese

Havanese dogs possess a silky, long coat that exudes elegance. They are known for their friendly and adaptable nature. These social dogs are always ready to meet new people and are well-suited to families and individuals seeking a loving and vivacious companion.

Their soft, cuddly appearance earns them the nickname “velvet dogs.” Scroll down for more details about the best toy dog breeds.

18. Toy Fox Terrier

Despite their small size, Toy Fox Terriers are big on energy and curiosity. They are intelligent and enjoy activities that stimulate their minds.

These loyal dogs make excellent watchdogs and thrive on forming close bonds with their families. They are both playful and protective, making them a well-rounded choice.

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10 Characteristics Of Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds are known for their small size and charming personalities. Here are 10 characteristics commonly associated with toy dog breeds:

  1. Size: Toy dog breeds are typically small in size, often weighing less than 12 pounds and standing around 6 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder.
  2. Adorable Appearance: Toy dogs are known for their cute and endearing looks, often with expressive faces, large eyes, and soft, fluffy coats.
  3. Playful Nature: These dogs are generally playful and enjoy engaging in interactive games and toys. They make great companions for indoor play.
  4. Affectionate: Toy breeds are often very affectionate and enjoy being close to their human companions. They can be quite loving and cuddly.
  5. Low Exercise Needs: Due to their small size, toy dogs don’t require a lot of physical activity. Short walks and playtime indoors are usually sufficient.
  6. Portability: Their compact size makes toy dog breeds highly portable and easy to take with you, whether it’s to the park, a café, or while traveling.
  7. Apartment-Friendly: Toy dogs are well-suited for apartment living because of their small size and lower exercise requirements.
  8. Alert and Watchful: Despite their size, toy breeds can be quite alert and make excellent watchdogs. They often bark to alert their owners to potential intruders.
  9. Longevity: Many toy dog breeds have relatively long lifespans, often living well into their teens.
  10. Grooming Needs: Toy dogs may have a variety of coat types, from long and silky to short and smooth. Grooming requirements vary, but regular brushing and occasional grooming are typically needed to keep their coats in good condition.


It’s important to note that while these characteristics are common in toy dog breeds, individual dogs may vary in their temperament, exercise needs, and grooming requirements. Always research the specific breed you’re interested in to understand its unique traits and ensure it’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

Each of these toy dog breeds has its own unique set of traits and characteristics, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for various lifestyles and preferences among dog owners. 

Whether you’re seeking a loyal lapdog, an energetic playmate, or a regal companion, these best toy breeds offer a wide array of choices to suit your needs.

If you have any questions or queries about owning or nurturing any of the small dog breeds, you can let us know in the comments. Our experts will reply to you as soon as possible, and they will help you by providing the perfect solution for your problem.


1. What are the typical characteristics of toy dog breeds?

Toy dog breeds are small in size, have friendly personalities, often require grooming for their long coats, and display traits like loyalty and courage.

2. Are toy dog breeds suitable for families with children?

Yes, many toy breeds are good with kids, but supervision is crucial to ensure safety and teach kids how to interact with them.

3. Do toy dog breeds have specific exercise and training needs?

Yes, they need daily exercise, mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement-based training for their intelligence and well-being. Socialization is essential too.


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