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EntertainmentAll Fast & Furious Movies Ranked: From Worst to Best (Before Fast...

All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked: From Worst to Best (Before Fast X)

All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked – The Fast & Furious franchise, a thrilling fusion of pulse-pounding action and the intricate ties of family, has held audiences in its grip from the very beginning. As we embark on the journey of ranking all the Fast & Furious movies, fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating ride through the evolution of this cinematic saga.


From its modest origins as a street-racing film to its current status as a global phenomenon, the Fast & Furious franchise has undergone a remarkable transformation. What began as a niche exploration of underground racing has evolved into a sprawling narrative that spans continents and explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

As we delve into the ranking process, each movie becomes a chapter in the epic story of Fast & Furious. The franchise has seamlessly blended heart-stopping action sequences with moments of genuine emotion, creating a unique cinematic experience that resonates with fans across the globe. It’s not just about high-speed chases and daring stunts; it’s about the characters who have become cultural icons and the relationships that have become the beating heart of the series.


All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked: From Worst to Best 

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003): 

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

This installment is often considered one of the weaker entries in the Fast & Furious franchise. Released in 2003, it suffered from the absence of Vin Diesel, who played a pivotal role in the success of the first film. With Paul Walker reprising his role as Brian O’Conner, the movie attempted to maintain the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled action of its predecessor. However, the lack of the ensemble cast that later films embraced contributed to its perceived shortcomings. The storyline, revolving around undercover operations and illegal racing, failed to capture the same magic as the original.

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Fast & Furious (2009): 

Released in 2009, this installment aimed to reunite the core cast of the original trilogy. While it successfully brought back Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz, it didn’t quite recapture the excitement and chemistry of the earlier films. The plot, centered around crime and revenge, lacked the coherence and depth that later entries would achieve. Despite its attempt to revive the franchise, some fans felt it fell short of the expectations set by its predecessors. It was another one of the best All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked.

The Fast and the Furious: 

Tokyo Drift (2006): Positioned as the third film in the series, Tokyo Drift deviated from the established formula by introducing a new protagonist and setting the story in Japan. While the film showcased impressive drifting sequences and introduced a new style of racing, the decision to place it outside the main timeline confused some viewers. The absence of key characters and the shift in focus made it feel disconnected from the core Fast & Furious narrative, impacting its reception among fans.


Fast & Furious: 

Hobbs & Shaw (2019): This 2019 spin-off marked a departure from the traditional Fast & Furious format, focusing on the dynamic between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. While the film delivered entertaining action sequences and humorous banter between the two leads, it felt somewhat disconnected from the core Fast & Furious storyline. The absence of key characters like Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and the emphasis on a more individualized narrative set it apart from the ensemble nature of the main series. Despite its deviation, Hobbs & Shaw offered a fresh perspective and showcased the franchise’s ability to explore different themes within the broader action genre.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013): 

Positioned as the sixth installment in the series, Fast & Furious 6 continued the franchise’s shift from its street racing roots to a more action-oriented, heist-centric formula. Released in 2013, the film picked up where Fast Five left off, with Dominic Toretto and his team involved in high-stakes heists and international intrigue. While the movie delivered on adrenaline-pumping action and showcased the evolving camaraderie among the ensemble cast, some fans felt it ventured into over-the-top territory. The introduction of new characters and the escalating scale of the set pieces hinted at the franchise’s willingness to push boundaries, setting the stage for the larger-than-life spectacles that would define later entries. Keep reading to know more about All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked.


Furious 7 (2015): 

Furious 7 (2015)

Furious 7, released in 2015, holds a unique place in the Fast & Furious series due to the tragic death of Paul Walker during production. The film faced the challenging task of addressing this loss while maintaining the high-octane action and emotional resonance that fans had come to expect. Furious 7 succeeded in delivering breathtaking action sequences, culminating in an emotional farewell to Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner. The film’s emphasis on family and the real-life connection among the cast members added a poignant layer to the narrative. However, some critics argued that the spectacle at times overshadowed a coherent plot, and the franchise’s shift toward more extravagant set pieces became increasingly evident.

The Fate of the Furious (2017): 

Released in 2017, The Fate of the Furious continued the trend of high-octane action and intricate heists that had become synonymous with the franchise. The film explored new dynamics by introducing a conflict within the “family” when Dominic Toretto turns against his team. While the action sequences reached new heights, with scenes involving a submarine and high-speed chases, some fans felt that the film strayed too far from the series’ street racing origins. The absence of the late Paul Walker also left a noticeable void, despite the efforts to introduce new characters to the ensemble cast. The Fate of the Furious reinforced the franchise’s commitment to pushing boundaries but prompted discussions about the balance between spectacle and the core elements that initially endeared fans to the series.


Fast Five (2011): 

Fast Five, released in 2011, is often considered a turning point for the Fast & Furious franchise. Departing from the street racing focus of the earlier films, it embraced a heist-centric action genre. The introduction of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Luke Hobbs added a new dynamic to the series, with the character serving as both a formidable adversary and, eventually, an ally to Dominic Toretto’s crew. Fast Five elevated the franchise’s scale with an ambitious heist plot set in Rio de Janeiro, featuring intense action sequences and memorable moments. The film’s success lay in its ability to reinvigorate the series, setting the stage for the more extravagant and globally oriented narratives that would follow. It was another one of the most popular All Fast & Furious Movies Ranked.

The Fast and the Furious (2001): 

The Fast and the Furious, released in 2001, laid the foundation for the enduring franchise that would follow. Directed by Rob Cohen, the film introduced audiences to the underground world of street racing and the characters who would become iconic figures in the series. Vin Diesel’s portrayal of Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner formed the core of the film, establishing the theme of family and loyalty that would become central to the franchise. The movie’s success was attributed to its exhilarating street racing scenes, a thrilling soundtrack, and the chemistry between the cast members. As the film that launched the Fast & Furious phenomenon, it remains a fan favorite and a crucial chapter in the evolution of the series.


Fast & Furious Presents: 

Hobbs & Shaw (2019): Serving as a spin-off from the main Fast & Furious series, Hobbs & Shaw was released in 2019, showcasing the dynamic between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. The film deviated from the traditional ensemble format, focusing on the individual exploits of these two characters. Hobbs & Shaw delivered on intense action sequences, humor, and the charismatic performances of its leads. The inclusion of Idris Elba as a cyber-genetically enhanced antagonist added a new layer of threat to the narrative. While the spin-off provided an entertaining diversion, some fans felt that it lacked the cohesive family theme that defined the core Fast & Furious films.

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Fast & Furious 9 (2021): 

Fast & Furious 9 (2021)

The ninth installment in the Fast & Furious series, released in 2021, continued the franchise’s legacy of high-stakes action, family bonds, and unexpected twists. Directed by Justin Lin, who returned to the series after a hiatus, Fast & Furious 9 expanded the narrative by introducing long-lost family ties and exploring the consequences of past actions. The film featured the return of Sung Kang’s character, Han, adding a surprising element for fans. Like its predecessors, Fast & Furious 9 delivered on adrenaline-pumping set pieces and showcased the resilience of the “family” theme. However, with the franchise evolving into increasingly extravagant territory, the film prompted discussions about the balance between maintaining the core elements that defined the series and pushing the boundaries of action cinema.


In conclusion, encapsulating the rankings, gleaned insights, and the extraordinary odyssey of the Fast & Furious franchise offers a profound reflection on the series’ multifaceted allure. Whether you’ve been a devoted follower from the inception or are just embarking on this cinematic journey, the ranking serves as an all-encompassing guide to immersing yourself in the saga’s complete splendor.


As we sum up the rankings, it becomes evident that the Fast & Furious franchise is more than just a collection of movies; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. The ranking process, carefully curated and meticulously executed, provides not only a numerical evaluation of each film’s merits but also a narrative tapestry that weaves together the threads of high-octane action, poignant storytelling, and the enduring theme of family.


Q: Is the ranking based solely on box office performance?

A: No, the ranking considers a comprehensive set of criteria, including storyline intricacies, action sequences, and the overall impact of each movie on the Fast & Furious franchise.

Q: How did the spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, factor into the overall ranking?

A: Hobbs & Shaw is analyzed independently within the ranking, considering its unique characteristics as a spin-off while also evaluating its contribution to the broader Fast & Furious narrative.


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