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EntertainmentOur 7 Favorite Beauty Looks From The 70th Annual Emmy Award Show

Our 7 Favorite Beauty Looks From The 70th Annual Emmy Award Show

Our 7 Favorite Beauty Looks From The 70th Annual Emmy Award Show – Step into the dazzling realm of the 70th Annual Emmy Award Show with us, where we unravel an enchanting array of beauty looks that undeniably stole the spotlight. From timeless classics that harken back to the golden age of Hollywood to bold and innovative styles that redefine red carpet glamour, our blog invites you on a captivating journey through the most mesmerizing hair and makeup moments of the evening. Immerse yourself in the artistry behind each stunning appearance, as we unveil the meticulous craftsmanship that transforms celebrities into icons. Be prepared to be inspired by the flawless beauty choices that graced the red carpet, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Hollywood glamour.


7 Favorite Beauty Looks From The 70th Annual Emmy Award Show

Nicole Kidman’s Timeless Elegance

Nicole’s presence at the 70th Annual Emmy Award Show was nothing short of regal radiance. Her ethereal beauty look captured the essence of timeless elegance, starting with a flawlessly radiant complexion that seemed to glow from within. The focal point of her makeup was a subtle yet striking eye treatment, where earthy tones were expertly blended to accentuate the depth and allure of her eyes. The pièce de résistance was undeniably her luminous, dewy skin, creating an almost angelic aura. Achieving Nicole’s look involves meticulous attention to skincare, a focus on creating depth with eyeshadow, and a strategic application of highlighter for that celestial shimmer.

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Vintage Glamour: Emma’s Classic Hollywood Vibes

Emma transported us to a bygone era of glamour with her classic Hollywood-inspired beauty look at the Emmy Awards. The centerpiece of her ensemble was undoubtedly her meticulously styled vintage waves, reminiscent of the golden age of cinema. The classic red lip she sported added a touch of sophistication, perfectly framing her radiant smile. Well-defined and impeccably groomed eyebrows completed the look, highlighting the attention to detail. To recreate Emma’s timeless look, one needs to master the art of achieving retro waves, select a bold red lip color, and ensure eyebrows are groomed to perfection.

Glowing Goddess: Janelle’s Sun-Kissed Radiance

Janelle embraced a goddess-like beauty look at the Emmy Awards, radiating a sun-kissed glow that captivated onlookers. Her complexion exuded warmth through a carefully applied bronzer, creating the illusion of a perpetual summer glow. The focus on bronzer was harmoniously complemented by subtle gold accents on the eyes, contributing to a luminous effect. To replicate Janelle’s radiant look, one must strategically incorporate bronzer, choose warm, golden hues for eye makeup, and master the art of creating a radiant complexion.


Zendaya’s Bold and Modern Statement

Zendaya made an indelible mark on the red carpet with a beauty look that seamlessly balanced boldness and elegance. The focus was undoubtedly on her eyes, adorned with a dramatic eyeliner extending into sharp winged edges, coupled with voluminous lashes that added a touch of glamour. Complementing this edgy eye makeup was Zendaya’s sleek, center-parted hairstyle, contributing to the overall modern and chic aesthetic. Achieving Zendaya’s bold elegance involves mastering the art of precision in eyeliner application, opting for bold lash extensions, and styling hair sleek and straight for that contemporary flair.

Modern Chic: Billy’s Suave Sophistication

Billy brought a contemporary touch of modern chic to the red carpet, showcasing a beauty look defined by suave sophistication. His clean-shaven appearance was a testament to polished grooming, while his slicked-back hairstyle exuded a refined charm. The minimalist approach to grooming demonstrated how simplicity can be the epitome of elegance. Achieving Billy’s suave sophistication involves precise grooming, a clean shave, and a well-styled hairdo that exudes confidence and modern appeal.


Whimsical Wonderland: Lucy’s Playful Palette

Lucy embraced a whimsical and playful beauty palette at the Emmy Awards, adding a burst of vibrant energy to the red carpet. Her look featured pops of color on the eyes, playful eyeshadow patterns, and an overall youthful glow. The key to Lucy’s whimsical wonderland lies in experimenting with a variety of colorful eyeshadows, embracing creativity in makeup application, and allowing your personality to shine through your beauty choices. Lucy’s daring and vibrant look serves as an inspiration for those who wish to step out of their comfort zones and explore the fun side of makeup.

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Sterling K. Brown’s Dapper Grooming

Sterling radiated timeless beauty with his dapper demeanor on the Emmy red carpet. His well-groomed beard, classic side part, and immaculate skin showcased a commitment to timeless grooming. The emphasis on a well-maintained beard and a polished hairstyle highlighted how attention to detail can elevate a classic beauty look. To channel Sterling’s timeless charm, prioritize grooming rituals, opt for a classic hairstyle that suits your personal style, and embrace the notion that timeless beauty transcends passing trends, always leaving a lasting impression. Sterling’s refined appearance serves as a reminder that classic grooming will never go out of style.


As the final curtain descends on the 70th Annual Emmy Award Show, the allure of the beauty witnessed on the red carpet persists in our memories. From striking hairstyles that sculpted elegance to flawless makeup that defined perfection, the stars illuminated the evening with their radiant presence. Our curated list of favorite beauty looks serves as a timeless ode to the essence of elegance and sophistication showcased at this prestigious event. Join us in a celebration of the magic of Hollywood’s beauty standards, and let these iconic looks stand as perpetual sources of inspiration, guiding you to recreate your moments of glamour in the spirit of the red carpet elite.



Who stole the show with the most unique beauty look at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards?

Opinions may vary, but many concurred that Lucy left an indelible mark with their avant-garde beauty choices, turning heads and making a lasting impression on the red carpet. Their bold and unique approach to beauty stood out, setting a new standard for glamour at the Emmy Awards.

Can I recreate any of the highlighted beauty looks at home?

Absolutely! Our blog provides comprehensive insights into the key elements of each beauty look, coupled with valuable tips and product recommendations. Whether you’re aiming for the timeless classics or daring to experiment with bold and innovative styles, our guide empowers you to recreate these stunning looks in the comfort of your own space. Unleash your inner artist and embrace the transformative power of Hollywood-inspired beauty.


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